summer house newI see private clients face-to-face in my beautiful summer house in the garden. It has a lovely energy and is the perfect place for people to come and relax and enjoy a one to one sitting knowing that they are in a protected, safe and sympathetic environment. I can also do telephone readings.

Whilst I've enjoyed and been most grateful to carry on working during the pandemic through telephone readings, the better news about the virus allowed me to resume seeing clients face-to-face from 16 March 2021 which has been great. However, I am also continuing to offer telephone readings.

Please note that I will be taking a break from 23 July through to 27 August 2021 so won't be available for sittings in that period. However, I will be picking up emails so will be able to take advance bookings for once I return.

Clients can expect to receive guidance for their lives, both personal and professional including help with career choices. Advice about relationships, whether with family members or partners. Information about past lives and their relevance in this life, and how it can affect relationships and work. Connecting with loved ones in Spirit and evidence of their survival after death with their messages of love and support. Advice on grounding and protection.

The session lasts an hour, and each client is provided with a CD recording of their sitting. From 1 April 2021, and having not changed my prices for over four years, I will be increasing my fee to £110 (from £95) for an hour's sitting, and to £55 for a 30 minute telephone reading (from £50). (Anyone who already has an advance booking for April will be charged the old price.) 

In addition, if it's more convenient, I can also do telephone readings (see FAQ below) by prior arrangement at a cost of £110 for an hour or £55 for 30 minutes (pre-paid through Paypal or by cheque sent in advance).

I also do short-form readings at parties (typically 15 minutes for each guest).

I am very easy to reach by public transport. However, because Hammersmith Bridge is closed to all vehicles and pedestrians, travelling to me in Barnes takes a little longer than usual at the moment. Barnes is well-served by two mainline railway stations (Barnes and Barnes Bridge) that are not far from my house (either by bus or on foot).

If you would like to book a sitting with me, or would like to find out more, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Please note that I don't work in the morning, nor at weekends. My first appointment is from 2.00pm onwards.

Frequently asked questions

Do telephone readings work?

In these challenging times it's very upsetting not to be able to see my clients in person, as it's even more important to stay connected spiritually for support and guidance. This is why telephone readings are so useful. Given the choice, I would always prefer to see someone in the flesh as it's nice to sit in their energy and that can be very healing. But I can also make a connection with someone, and their spirit guides, by hearing their voice. Phone readings can be very accurate and powerful, as my many clients abroad or far away will testify. Guidance from Spirit comes forward on a strong loving link, and if they can connect from where they are, then phone lines are not a problem!

So, if you're needing guidance or reassurance in these difficult times, don't forget I am here and available to help with a telephone reading.

Can we call up specific people from the spirit world?

No, unfortunately it doesn't work that way. It is always the choice of those in spirit whether they "come through" or not. However, I do suggest to clients that if they are anxious to contact someone in particular, then they should speak to them in advance and let them know when their appointment is and ask them to turn up - it usually works!

Are we disturbing those in spirit by wanting to contact them?

No, as discussed above they only make contact if they want to - and most souls in the spirit world really want to bring through a message from where they are. Often, they may have tried to give signs but most people aren't listening.

Can you tell me about my Spirit Guide?

Yes, I can tune in and tell you about your Guide and what your contract is with them.

Are you able to see my past lives?

Yes, I believe we have all lived many other lives, in many different guises. Looking at your past lives can help you understand the life you are living now and the lessons you are learning.

Will you tell me anything "bad"?

I only bring through information to help clients. It is meant to be uplifting and reassuring and to guide them with decisions for their life. It can help them face future challenges in a more positive way. We all have difficulties and challenges, and it's how we approach them that matters.


Mediumship and psychic readings are not an exact science and any information given cannot be guaranteed as to its accuracy. Sittings and telephone readings are done with the highest intent for my clients and are meant to guide, reassure and uplift. However, I cannot be held responsible for any actions or outcomes that may follow.

Whilst I encourage and can work on specific questions, I cannot comment and advise on health issues or financial matters other than very loosely. Clients should always seek the advice of professional practitioners for these matters.

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