We all have a sanctuary within ourselves; it’s just a matter of training your mind to find it. Meditation is a means of doing this.

Through meditation we can learn how to connect with that part of us that works on a different frequency from our physical body. This place is as much a part of us as our heart and lungs … we know we have them, but we don’t see them either … and we just have to re-learn how to connect with it. We are all born with a consciousness which holds all the information from our soul’s journey; this is very soon lost and forgotten unless we re-connect with it. It is much the same as tuning in to a radio station that you had long forgotten existed and finding it on your old trusted radio set!

Once we do find and connect with this part of us, we can use this state of mind to help us in all manner of ways in our normal lives. This stilling of our thoughts helps us to open up to information and feelings from a higher dimension. Some would call this God or Angels …. Whatever and however we think of it, even if we regard it as our own inner voice or intuition, it is invaluable in our lives with many things, from helping us make simple decisions to more complex judgments about people and events.

We can even stimulate our bodies to activate the healing process within ourselves, and deal with feelings of depression, anxiousness and failure. We can also clear physical ailments such as aches and pains by energizing our physical bodies in a way that normal rest such as sleep and just relaxation cannot.

My aim is to help you to access this ability all for yourself. With my guidance you can learn simple techniques to help you visualize, and you will soon be seeing the benefits. This in turn will affect not only you, but those around you!

Meditation classes on Tuesdays at 2.15pm at my house in Barnes. 6 week course - £100 (in advance) for all 6 sessions. A perfect way to mentally detox and develop a new, calmer you. Please email me for details. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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