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I am a professional psychic medium in Barnes, South West London, offering guidance on all matters including work, love and relationships. I also bring forward messages from loved ones in Spirit ........ all in a very sympathetic and straightforward way, using everyday language.

I can also teach clients relaxation and meditation techniques with advice on protection and grounding …... all very necessary in this hectic world.

This website will tell you a little bit more about me, how I work and how you can get in touch with me.

In view of what is happening in the world at the moment, a connection to the spiritual world can provde much comfort and reassurance in these uncertain times. I am seeing clients face-to-face again but also continue to offer telephone readings. Further details are available on the Sittings section of my website.


Psychic News:
Nicky Huntingford on proof that life after death exists

Daily Mail feature:
As Naomi Watts claims she was given 'permission' by Diana to play her... Why do so many intelligent women think they're psychic?

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